State Controller Betty Yee injured in Posey Tube crash involving CHP officer, DUI suspect

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State Controller Betty Yee suffered non-life threatening injuries along with her husband in a Posey Tube crash Friday afternoon. 

California Highway Patrol-Oakland said the unmarked state car vehicle Yee and her husband were in, was being driven by a CHP officer. The vehicle was headed in the eastbound direction near Marina Village Parkway. The unmarked car was stopped when it was rear ended by a Nissan sedan driven by Aaronn Ba Sean George, 25. 

Officials said the driver of the Nissan suffered major injury and was taken to a local hospital. They are suspected for driving under the influence of drugs. In the collision the unmarked car pushed into a Toyota Camry, but the driver of that vehicle was not injured.  

The multi-car crash closed all lanes of the Posey Tube in Alameda for nearly two hours, according to officials.

Reports of the collision on the Alameda side of the tube came in at 3:28 p.m. and it didn't reopen until about 5:21 p.m.

Yee and her husband were also transported to a local hospital. 

The DUI marijuana suspect will be booked at a local county jail upon release from the hospital. 

The crash is still under investigation. Any witness are asked to call 510-450-3821.