State Trooper fights wind, loses

Dash cam video shows a Minnesota State Trooper fighting and ultimately succumbing to intense winds in southwestern Minnesota during a storm Thursday.

The State Patrol tweeted the video showing a brave trooper helping direct traffic around a jackknifed semi on Hwy. 86 at I-90 near Lakefield, Minn.  

The trooper is standing up in the video and appears to fight off a few blasts of wind, until a major gust blows him across the icy roadway and onto the ground near the roadside.

He then gets up and moves his way to the side of the truck where he held on for safety.

The trooper was not injured in the incident, so the State Patrol had fun with it.

“Wind: 1. Trooper: 0” they said in the tweet.

Heavy wind and winter weather led to numerous no-travel advisories issued across the state of Minnesota.