Storm pounds Monterey and Santa Cruz counties

The storm struck the entire Bay Area and beyond. But it seemed to let most of its anger out on Monterey County.

Heavy rains saw the Carmel River Lagoon start rising. By 9:00 a.m. Thursday, the sheriff's department issued an evacuation order for about 2,500 people in the area.

Deputies went door to door in the Mission Fields neighborhood of Unincorporated Carmel.

"This isn't how I planned to start my day," said one woman.

"We will do what they ask. Out of precaution. We think we will be safe. We will see," said resident Robbie Shepner as he packed his car.

In Monterey County, about two dozen homes near Salinas were damaged by mud and debris flows.

People in the Carmel area say they went through floods in 1995 which came with little warning. 

They appreciated the heads up this time.

"We know from the drainage if it starts backing up, we are ready to go," said Brian Looram.

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In Santa Cruz County, authorities lifted evacuation orders.

The concern was over potential mudslides in the burn area left by the massive CZU Fire.

"Frankly, we got lucky. I am extremely happy nothing happened. As is everyone who was part of this process,"  said Chief Deputy Chris Clark, of the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department. "But it is definitely something to take seriously."

One big concern now is saturated ground, and how much more water it can take in before those hills start sliding.