Stranger helps homeless man walk again, believe in people

"I would come and see him and be like, ‘How's the haircut going?’ and he would be like, ‘Good, thanks.’ Then we saw him kind of deteriorating. We saw him in a wheelchair. He had an infection in his legs," said Galvin. 

The pain from being hit by a car had made things unbearable, and Galvin found that Lochlan just was not caring anymore. 

"I have never seen someone on the streets in the condition he was in. He was not doing well and I knew he wasn't doing well.  It was kind of like, he's not gonna make it if someone doesn't help him," Galvin explained.

Lochlan had given up on life and was confined to his wheelchair, but Galvin helped him get his infection treated, and get major surgery to repair his back. 

"Somebody cared about me. Somebody talked to me and really cared," Lochlan explained.

Between the surgery and Galvin’s belief in him, John Lochlan was eventually able to walk again. Equally important is that his faith in humanity is restored. 

"The message is if you give someone a little they can come around, my message is, don't ever give up on people because there's good people out there," Lochlan said.

Not only can he walk, but he is no longer alone in life. He has a friend to walk with in Galvin-- all because she cared. 

Watch the video to see how John Lochlan’s faith in humanity was restored.