Street racers slam into Oakland nonprofit 'Homies Empowerment' on opening day

The Oakland nonprofit, Homies Empowerment, says its care center is displaced after two cars hit their building.

An employee at the center on Thursday said one of the cars made it halfway inside their building at the corner of 77th and MacArthur Boulevard.
Investigators believe the two cars were street racing before the crash.

Homies Empowerment says its care center provides food, clothes, and hygiene products to people dealing with food insecurity, mental health, housing and wellness, and were preparing for a grand opening

"Actually, today was going to be our first actual day we opened our care center for the community to come inside," office manager Viviana Montano said. "Knowing that it was our first initial day it was very overwhelming. It's a lot of emotions we're going through, but at the same time we're very happy that nobody was here and nobody got hurt."

Montano says they plan on petitioning the city of Oakland to install lights at the corner of 77th and MacArthur to install concrete barriers outside the building for protection.

Meanwhile, workers aren't sure where they're going to store the food and clothes they give out to the community while they are displaced.