'Stroller brigade' protests proposed closure of Alta Bates Medical Center

More than 100 nurses and community leaders gathered today to protest the planned closure of Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley. 

Sutter Health says the hospital has until 2030 to comply with state-mandated seismic upgrades.

In a statement, Sutter says it wants to "re-purpose" the Berkeley campus for other medical services and office space, and expand its ER and labor and delivery units at Summit Hospital in Oakland.

Leaders in Berkeley and Oakland say closing the only emergency room in Berkeley would have a negative effect on the community. 

"The medical center is the city's only acute care medical facility. Shutting it down would not be good for patients," said Martha Wallner of National Nurses United.

Along with Berkeley city leaders, the Oakland City Council is also on record opposing the closure, since many North Oakland residents use the hospital and ER.