Supes consider whether homes should become fourplexes in San Francisco

A proposal to allow single family homes to be converted into fourplexes will be introduced Tuesday to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

The proposal sponsored by Supervisor Rafael Mandelman is to allow residential homes to become fourplexes if they are on a corner lot or within a half mile of bus stops. 

Mandelman said the goal is to help combat the housing crisis within the city, though he admits a challenge will be to find a way to make the units affordable..

Those against the idea say it would ruin the way their neighborhoods look.

Despite that, Mandelman is proposing that all single family homes, regardless of where they are located, be eligible to be converted to four housing units. 

Mandelman said he realizes his plan will take time, noting it will take "some pretty significant environmental review." He estimated that the idea wouldn't get voted on until the middle or end of 2022.

They had about 90 days to review the proposal starting back in May. But board supervisors are expected to push back that deadline an additional 60 days. 

The city's planning commission will now have to wait until late October to decide what to recommend to the board.