Support dog stolen from boy with autism in Stockton found

A support dog that was stolen during a vehicle theft in Stockton over the weekend has been found, according to police. 

The dog, Sloane belonged to 12-year-old Neeko Niswonger, who is autistic, reports KXTV

Last Sunday, Niswonger, his mother Cynthia, and a friend were returning home from a road trip to Oregon and stopped at a McDonald's on Charter Way near Interstate 5.

The boy's mother said she left Sloan inside her locked car with the air condition running, as the three of them went inside the restaurant to use the bathroom. She said she kept her eyes on the car through the restaurant's windows as she waited to use the bathroom. 

The woman said she and her son rushed back outside as they watched the car being driven away. A man had broken into the car and took it with the dog inside along with all their belongings. 

The stolen vehicle was located Monday, but Sloane was nowhere to be found. 

Officers found the missing dog on Thursday afternoon around 12:37 p.m. in the 2000 block of S. American St. 

Police did not say if someone found the dog or if she had been wandering the streets, KXTV says. 

Offices took Sloan to an animal rescue center where she was reunited with her family.