Surveillance video shows girl taking packages off porch near Sacramento

A homeowner in a quiet Sacramento suburb that neighbors describe as “fantastic” and filled with good schools and lots of children spotted what appeared to be a young girl taking packages off the front porch and hopping into a getaway car.

The Ring video shows a little girl running up to a home on Joaquin Way in Hollywood Park. She grabs a couple of packages before darting off.

WATCH: Girl takes package of porch

She barely makes it in the car before the getaway driver speeds away.

"Hollywood Park is just a fantastic neighborhood,"  neighbor Ed Daniels told Sacramento affiliate, Fox 40. "The schools are fantastic. The families have stayed here, a lot of these families for 50 and 60 years."

He assumed she was being coached by an adult.

"That’s truly a shame because someone is probably teaching them that. Those are probably things that are taught and that's unfortunate," Daniels told FOX40.

A police report has been filed for petty theft.