Surveillance video shows man setting Oakland furniture store on fire

Surveillance video shows the moment an intruder walks into a West Oakland furniture store and lights a couch on fire.

"He walked in, he poured fire accelerant on the couch right there, and it just lit it up," said David Nguyen, sales manager at Dimensional Outlet Furniture.

Video shows flames shoot into the air and a postal carrier running to safety.

Nguyen jumped into action, yelling,"Fire! Fire! Fire!"

The blaze broke out May 15 at the family-owned business at the corner of San Pablo Avenue and Market Street. 

The man just casually walked into the front entrance of the business.

"My first instinct was to warn everyone to get out," Nguyen said. "And then halfway through running out, I realized I needed to help put this fire out."

As the flames raged, Nguyen's pregnant cousin scrambled to move furniture out of the way. 

The entire store quickly filled with smoke. 

Although they were able to put the fire out, the damage was done. The smoke went everywhere and left every piece of furniture covered in a film of soot.

"There's probably fire debris on everything," Nguyen said.

That means the tables, sofas, mattresses on display can't be sold.

The store's been closed to the public since the fire as workers take stock and figure out next steps. 

The damage extended to the upstairs showroom

"The fire department, they had to break a window to let the smoke out," Nguyen said.

The fire caused about $100,000 dollars in damage. The reason for behind the incident is unclear.

"I honestly don't know. I assume we serve everyone, we're nice to everyone," Nguyen said.

But despite all the frightening moments, Nguyen is counting his blessings.

"According to the fire department, this whole block could have burned down if we hadn't put out the fire," he said.