Suspect accused of kidnapping, raping 74-year-old San Francisco woman pleads not guilty

It was a crime that shocked the Bay Area. Now the man accused of kidnapping a raping a 74-year-old San Francisco woman has had his first day in court as authorities look to see if he's connected to any unsolved sexual assaults.

The judge allowed cameras to shoot the back of 47-year-old Manuel Amador as he made his appearance before a judge.

He is accused of forcing a 74-year-old woman into his home with a pitbull biting her hip an feet and sexually assaulting her.

According to police, he then dressed her and left her back out onto the street.

In court today Amador entered pleas of not-guilty to charges of kidnap, rape and sodomy.

"He's had no contact with the criminal justice system that I know," said Tal Klement from the San Francisco Public Defenders Office.

"No criminal history, convictions whatsoever. He's presumed innocent, and he's entitled to due process," said Klement.

Prosecutors saying given the severity of the allegations they pushed for the defendant to stay behind bars for now.

Investigators with the special victims unit will now run Amador's DNA to see if he can be connected with any other unsolved sexual assaults.

"It's not to say that he has a criminal history or otherwise," said Max Szabo from the San Francisco District Attorney's Office.

"But, the nature of sex offenses is such that we want to err on the side of public safety."

Investigators say the nature of the crime the age of the victim add to the outrage of an already heinous crime.

Police saying they're inspired by the strength of the victim who is still recovering in the hospital.

"In my 20 years of policing I have rarely seen a case that's been more difficult, more horrific, more just demoralizing and crushing to think that this could happen in the city and county of San Francisco," said Captain Jack Hart of the San Francisco Police Department.

Also in court Thursday, members of the Ingleside community who thanked police for the relatively quick arrest in this case and crediting a multilingual officer for coming in on his day off to interview the non-english speaking victim, providing critical information that led to the arrest.

"I think everybody who heard about it, is in shock," said neighbor Marlene Tran. "And so we feel, as seniors, people especially who are non-english speaking, impacted communities we are vulnerable."

Amador is due back in court June 12th. Until then he is being held without bail.