Suspect enters 'no-contest' plea to voluntary manslaughter in 2008 Oakland triple homicide

Delonzo Logwood entered a no-contest plea to a 2008 manslaughter case with a firearm enhancement in Alameda Superior Court Thursday, county officials said.

Despite pleading no-contest to voluntary manslaughter, the result is still a "guilty finding" by the judge and can result in a sentence of 12 years. However, the actual sentence could be shorter because of time served credit.


Logwood had faced one count of murder for the slaying of Eric Ford until today's hearing. 

Logwood was previously additionally charged for the murders of Richard Carter and Zaire Washington, in the triple Oakland homicide, but these charges were dismissed in May at the request of Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price after a witness refused to testify. 

Judge Mark McCannon, presiding over the case, accepted Logwood's plea. Logwood will not be sentenced until July, officials said. 

Logwood has always declared he was innocent since he was first charged in 2015. He remains in the Santa Rita Jail.