Alameda County DA files motion to dismiss judge from case

Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price released a video statement Wednesday saying she wants a judge removed from a controversial murder case based on his recent comments. She also addressed the changes she has made to the district attorney's office's operations.

Specifically, Price addressed the case of Delonzo Logwood, a man accused of killing three people in 2008. He is currently being offered a deal by the district attorney's office for 15 years behind bars for the triple murder, instead of potentially 75 years to life in prison if tried and found guilty.

Back in February, Price offered Logwood the 15-year plea deal after he pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter for one of the three killings.

Later in the video, Price then name-dropped Judge Mark McCannon, who is presiding over the Logwood murder trial, and claimed he has made "prejudicial comments" and is not acting impartially.

McCannon had previously rejected the 15-year plea deal. Including credit from time served, Logwood would have been potentially released in three years. 

Price said in the video that because of the judge's"inappropriate comments and conduct on two separate occasions," her office is filing a motion to disqualify him from hearing any criminal cases from her office indefinitely.

She accused McCannon of creating a "firestorm" and that he "overstepped his boundaries" as a judicial officer. 

Price didn't specify exactly what comments the judge made that she deemed "prejudicial."


After McCannon rejected the plea deal of the Logwood case, both the defense and prosecution filed motions to have him disqualified, according to The Berkeley Scanner

Price said that details of the Logwood case will be made at the proper time.

KTVU reached out to both Price's and McCannon's offices regarding the statement. Neither office has responded to KTVU's efforts.

Price became Alameda County's first Black district attorney by winning the 2022 election. Since assuming the role, she has been accused of being "too lenient," including by former staff members who have resigned from the office in protest over some new policies