Suspect in 88-year-old's beating appears in court, denied bail

18-year-old Keonte Gathron appeared before a judge briefly on Thursday, long enough to hold him over until his next court appearance and deny bail. Gathron is accused of beating an 88-year-old San Francisco woman and leaving her for dead in a Visitacion Valley park not far from where she lived. 

Prosecutors have now laid out details in this case telling the story of how on January 8 a neighbor saw the suspect leaving the home of the victim, Yik Huang.

Police arrived on scene to find the home empty, Huang, a grandmother and great grandmother, was found bleeding from a head wound. She is now recovering in a San Francisco hospital.

Prosecutors say Gathron pulled a gun and carjacked a man on January 16. A gas station surveillance camera reportedly recording the suspect with the car.

Then, a pair of mobile phone robberies, both victims teen aged girls.

A 14-year-old says Gathron pulled a gun and demanded her phone. A 17-year-old saying Gathron snatched her phone and when she tried to get it back that he hit her in the face. Investigators tracked that phone and arrested Gathron.

Prosecutors say with the list of serious charges, including attempted murder, aggravated assault and weapons charges they asked the judge to deny bail.

"When you have charges such as this, including attempted murder, three counts of robbery, child endangerment, and a variety of other charges and when you have an 88-year old victim you really want to do everything you can to preserve public safety," said Alex Bastian from the San Francisco District Attorney's office.

Gathron is due back in court Monday.