Tax day is July 15: Here's what you need to know

Though there was some talk last week of delaying tax day once again, it appears that Wednesday, July 15, will be the day.

As of July 3, about 142 million taxpayers out of around 155 million, had already filed their federal tax returns. But, because of the pandemic, only about 131 million returns have been processed because the IRS has fewer
staff available. 

That leaves some 11 million taxpayers wondering about refunds averaging about $2,800 each. 

The Bay Area has 5 IRS taxpayers assistance centers including locations in San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Rosa that are open for appointments. The offices in Oakland and Walnut Creek are closed. 

Those taxpayers who need some assistance should visit the IRS website. 

" is the place to go. In fact, the visits to the web site are up three times this year for obvious reasons," said agency spokesperson Raphael Tulino.

Unlike previous years, the Treasury Department, which the IRS is a part of,  was in the process of issuing 160 million economic impact payments just as tax returns were coming in for processing and refunds. On top of that, the agency's 75,000 employees were directed to do much of this under strict social distancing and work at home orders. 

"So, really has been a challenge the last two, three or four months," said Tulino.

Those who need more time to file can request a 90-day extension but will need to pay all or part of the taxes due by Wednesday. 

"The penalty for our filing requirement and not filing is much greater with a balance due than it is filing the return and just paying something over time," said Tulino. 

If a tax return is delayed the IRS will pay you interest. One more thing: the IRS does not send threatening emails nor make robocalls not threatening collection or arrest. 

"Scams continue, using the IRS as a lure. Stay vigilant and be aware," said Tulino.