Teacher leaves inspirational messages on students' desks

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A teacher decided to take a little extra time to motivate her 5th grade students by leaving sweet messages on their desks. 

According to Woodbury City Public Schools, Mrs. Langford teaches at Evergreen Avenue and left the notes before standardized testing.

Each note left intended to inspire an inspirational, growth- mindset message. 

She left the note, "Kwydir, Learning is your superpower! Remember, never stop trying and never stop growing your brain," on one student's desk. 

Each message was personalized, and written with dry-erase marker, so they could be erased before the test. 

She also left donut balls on the desks with the note "Donut stress, take time and do your best."

The school's Facebook post showing the photos of the desks has been liked more than 1,600 times.