Teacher’s death in traffic collision renews calls for safety measures at intersection

Friends and co-workers are mourning the death of 56-year-old Susan Guinee, a mother who was also a popular high school teacher. She was killed in a traffic collision on Crow Canyon Road in San Ramon last week.

"Susan was wonderful. She was warm and engaging. She had a great personality," said David Lawrence, a friend.

Guinee was killed last Wednesday when a truck apparently ran a red light and struck her car at the intersection of Crow Canyon and Bollinger Canyon Roads.

Police are still investigating what happened.

Guinee had a 19-year-old son and also took care of her mother

Arroyo High School in San Lorenzo is also grieving.

For more than 30 years this is where Guinee taught physical education to students with physical and developmental challenges.

"Coach Guinee was a remarkable spirit. She had this indefatigable belief in humans to overcome any inherent challenges. She would get students out of wheelchairs and walking with walkers," says assistant principal Kristian Hinz.

Fellow teacher Jennifer Rodrigues says Guinee was her mentor.

"Her warm-heartedness and welcoming of everyone no matter who you were, made Sue, Sue," she said.

Even before the accident, many people had concerns about the safety of Crow Canyon Road. Police records show 11 accidents at the intersection the past five years and almost 30 speeding tickets on the 45 mile an hour road.

"Frankly I got fed up with the number of power poles taken down, people driving off the road. Accidents," says Mark Sheward, who has started a Change.org petition demanding traffic calming measures brought to the road.

He wants it to be designated as a safety corridor.

"You can make changes to the road. Changes to the speed limit. Possible double fines," he says.

A Gofundme page has been set up to help Guinee's son.