Teen girl arrested after fellow student's hair was ripped out at Santa Rosa high school

A 14-year-old student from Montgomery High School was arrested on Tuesday afternoon for allegedly jumping a classmate in a school bathroom, according to the Santa Rosa Police Department. 

The victim, another 14-year-old girl, suffered moderate injuries from being punched and kicked in the face and head multiple times. She also had large amounts of her hair ripped out of her head. The suspect allegedly stole the victim's phone before running away from campus. 

Police say a group of four students surrounded the victim while one student attacked her. The 14-year-old assailant is facing one count of robbery and one count of assault likely to create great bodily injury. She was booked into juvenile hall.  

Montgomery High School has struggled with violence over the past year. In March of 2023, a student was fatally stabbed by a classmate at the school. That student who stabbed the victim was ultimately determined not to be responsible for his classmate's death.  

MHS isn't the only school in Santa Rosa struggling with violence. A 13-year-old student at Herbert Slater Middle school took out a knife after he was attacked by a group of classmates last year. Not long before that, there was a stabbing at Santa Rosa High School. 

In December, Santa Rosa police announced that they would have officers at every high school in Santa Rosa to quell the growing violence. Officers were also expected to make more frequent stops at middle school campuses across the city as well.