Teen with terminal cancer marries high school sweetheart

Dustin Snyder, a Tampa Bay teenager with terminal cancer, married his high school sweetheart, Sierra Siverio, in a ceremony attended by friends, family, and members of his community who made his wish possible. 

Snyder was diagnosed with cancer the day before his 18th birthday. He had been in and out of treatment for months, but doctors recently gave him the news that his cancer had become terminal, and they believe he only has a matter of weeks left to live.

Snyder said he knew immediately what he wanted to do in the time he has left.

“Saying ‘I do’ and being forever in love with Sierra,” Snyder told Fox 13. “And being with her for the rest of as long as I have.”

The two have known each other since middle school, and Snyder says his new wife has been with him throughout the painful process.

“Probably after my first surgery, when she was there for me in the hospital for 10 days straight,” said Snyder. “That’s when I knew: she was the one.”

When members of the local community heard Snyder and Siverio’s wish, they helped make plans and collect donations to make sure the day was everything they’d dreamed of. Snyder, who plans to take Siverio to Disney World for their honeymoon, says that the wedding was everything he had dreamed it would be.