Ten new BART cars took to the rails Friday

The fleet of the future took to the rails today as ten new BART cars got put into service.

The trains have undergone 75 thousand miles of testing after being delayed because of a failed safety inspection back in November.

There was plenty of excitement, smiles and pictures in order as passengers and guests admired the new upgrades, including new bike racks and an increased amount of free space. 

This is great for me and for other handicap people,” said Phillip Fraser of Oakland. “The isles are wider and the interactive screen is right in front of my parking places.”

The three doors on each side of the new trains allow passengers to get on and off quickly. The trains also include a system map with digital screens that map your trip in real time. There’s less seats, but plenty of hand straps. Over 2,9000 modifications were made. 

Every car in the older fleet of 669 will be replaced and 774 new cars have been ordered with some going to San Jose when that service opens. Early reports say the $2.6-billion system upgrade will be worth it