Tesla's Fremont plant hit with more than 100 air quality violation notices

Tesla must correct "frequent and recurring" air quality violations at its Fremont facility under an order announced Tuesday from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's independent enforcement arm. 

The Air District sought the order after sticking Tesla with more than 100 violation notices since 2019. Each violation could have pumped hundreds of pounds of illegal pollution into the air, according to some estimates used by the Air District. 

The written order, which will be issued later this week, will require Tesla to hire a third-party consultant to offer recommendations for the company. Tesla must then create and file a plan to implement those recommendations, which are approved by the Air District's independent hearing board. 

"This order is crucial to ensure that Tesla takes prompt and effective action to stop harmful emissions and comply with all air quality regulations to protect the health of those living near the facility," said Philip Fine, executive officer of the Air District. 

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

The Air District said in a statement that Tesla has air pollution control systems in place, but they repeatedly break down or are shut down by the company due to other equipment problems. In some cases, emissions are automatically pumped into the atmosphere as a result of Tesla's system design. 

This is not the first environmental violation to hit the Fremont facility. 

In February, Tesla agreed to a $1.5 million settlement after allegedly disposing of hazardous waste illegally across several facilities across the state, including at the electric vehicle factory in Fremont.