That Kid's Got Game: 20-month-old golf phenom

Golf is hard. Very hard. 

And that’s why Declan Sullivan’s jaw-dropping form and his ability to hit targets brought him to be the first golfer on That Kid’s Got Game. Because not only is the kid a stud by many standards, he’s been playing for just six months – and that’s 30 percent of his life. 

That’s right. The young phenom from Watertown, New York is just 20 months old. Declan’s folks bought him his first set of clubs when he was 14 months and he started swinging right away. At first, he would tee the ball up and attempt to putt it, but he quickly developed “the big swing.” And then his game took off, said his mother, Meredith Sullivan. 

And Sullivan credits Declan’s game to his father, AJ, who has provided all the swing lessons, and also watching golf on TV, which they do as a family. So far, Declan hasn’t played on an actual golf course yet, though he did crawl around the greens on a local course as a baby. But once the snow clears and the courses open, he’ll get out there. For now, it’s playing around the house.

The only issue with playing around the house is Declan started exceeding the boundaries. To keep challenging his game, his parents started setting up targets. From a hanging paper plate to a standing Pringles can, the kid’s ability to flex his skills is remarkably impressive.

Right now he’s using a driver and an iron made by The Littlest Golfer. His custom junior putter was made by his dad. AJ Sullivan cut it down to size and re-gripped it. With his irons, Declan’s using hard foam practice balls and when he puts he uses normal golf balls. 

Golf is a funny sport where your frustration can boil ferociously, with nothing going your way and a disappointing scorecard. And then you get that one shot. That smooth stroke the unavoidably fills you with the promise of returning – the “I’m coming back” moment. Declan’s likely experienced that before he even knows what it means. And he’s not even two. See you on the tour, young Declan. 

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