That Kid's Got Game: Santa Rosa boy, 10, with crazy bicycle kick (video)

A 10-year-old soccer player from Santa Rosa never gave up when his team was down and it offered him an opportunity to absolutely stick a game-tying bicycle kick with just minutes remaining. And a week later he's the talent on That Kid's Got Game.

Jose Elias says his son Jason Elias, whom he coaches, really didn’t want to lose last Sunday’s game, as the season was winding down and the team was looking to finish strong. Trailing 3-0 at the half, Jose Elias tried to rally his team and told them to keep fighting no matter what.  

Down 4-3 with minutes remaining, Jason connected perfectly in mid-air – back to the goal –  with a ball heading towards the middle of the field from the corner to tie the game. 

“For that moment, no one asked what the score was,” Elias said, noting that the joy from the shot overshadowed the tie-game. “It didn’t matter anymore. The sensation was amazing. You could see it in the kids’ face.”

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Jason has been playing for Arsenal in the Black Oaks Soccer club for three years. Elias coaches the team and says he actually doesn’t practice the bicycle kick with the kids much at their age. He says it’s dangerous and one of the players hurt their back in practice recently. Often he’ll go to his default response:

“There may be a time where it comes natural and your body flows together.”

It sure look like it flowed for Jason after the ball hit the net. Elias said he’s gone back to watch the video clip of his son a few times and he’s amazed at how skillfully the 10-year-old performed the kick. 

“He never lost sight of the ball,” Elias said. “He knew where it was the whole time.”


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