The Burger Pit in San Jose closes for good after 70 years in business

A San Jose-based restaurant chain is shutting down its last restaurant after more than 70 years in business. 

The Burger Pit was started in the 1950s and on Monday hundreds of people stood in line to say goodbye.

People told stories of coming to The Burger Pit as kids, and when they learned that it was closing for good, they just had to get one last meal from the eatery.

"People have been coming here forever. The neighborhood and all, since 1953. That’s why we’re here," said Glenn Morton, of San Jose. 

With a line of people wrapped around the building, The Burger Pit owner Paul Berger and the Pit Crew served its menu to generations of its dedicated customers.


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"My parents brought me here in the 60s. I was in elementary school, and I have fond memories of those years, and I love this place," said Dayna Morton, of San Jose. 

"We’re sad that they can’t open somewhere else. We wish they could, and we begged them but logistics I guess," said Melissa, of San Jose. 

Another customer said she drove in from Las Vegas after her grandchildren told her The Burger Pit was closing.

"I came here to eat because it’s my favorite place. I used to live here," said  Henrietta Ardanyu, of Las Vegas.

Berger said he started working full-time at The Burger Pit in 1974. Berger’s father started the business with his partners in 1953 and since then, they’ve operated 26 locations throughout the Bay Area, starting on 1st Street in San Jose.

"Oh, he would be very proud, especially when he sees this line around the building. We’re going to run out of everything tonight," said Berger when speaking of his father. 

And they did run out of supplies an hour before closing time. After decades of serving the community and with the cost of his lease continuing to rise, Berger said he knew it was time to go.

"Well, I’m 75, and it’s time for me to retire, but I’m going to miss all of these people," said Berger.

The Burger Pit says it will open on Tuesday at noon and will stay open until they run out of food.