Thousands of pictures of Castlemont High students, keepsakes stolen from truck in Oakland

An Oakland man is offering a reward, in hopes of getting back thousands of pictures and other keepsake items that were stolen, along with his truck.

Andre Mouton says his truck was parked on Carrington Street off High Street when it was stolen Tuesday. 

Inside were more than 5,000 pictures of former students involved in SAFE,  an education program for at-risk youth at Castlemont High School. Mouton is the executive director of that program.

The photos are from years of trips the students took to historical sites and colleges across the United States. 

"I'm offering a $1,000 to have the truck and the items back," Mouton said. "No questions asked. I just want the items back. They are priceless, irreplaceable and it means a lot to other people not just myself." 

Mouton says the photos were in his truck because he was going to meet up with a friend to make a slide show for an event to honor the former students who achieved success from the program and later went to college.

His Dodge truck was taken too, but Mouton said he doesn't even care about that. All he hopes for is the return of his stolen memories.

The make and model of the stolen truck is a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 with the license plate number 6R39264.

Email Mouton at if you have information.