Check it out: 3 free super scary Halloween displays in the Bay Area

Inside one home, you will find guts and gore. In two others, you can find fiendishly, frightening sights that will surely make your hair stand on end. 

For many Halloween lovers, there are people who decorate for the unofficial holiday, which has roots dating back to the early American colonists, by putting out carved pumpkins and cobwebs.

But there are also people who take decorating to the next level, turning their homes into haunted houses. 

These three Bay Area residents take their scares very seriously.

On Church Drive in San Jose, Bob Schiro and his Boo Crew of volunteers build a new structure from scratch each year. He expects this year's Haunted Factory to draw a crowd.

Inside, you'll find guts, gore and ghoulish goods. All this, takes months to put together, and it's all done for the benefit of the neighborhood.

"We get between the two nights usually 7,000 to 8,000 people," Schiro told KTVU. "It lines up to the end of the street for about five hours and keeps going. And all that energy is just engulfed. This year it's a little bit edgier, in a good way though. So we're excited about that."

You can find Schiro's "Haunted Factory" at 1441 Church Drive in San Jose. It is free and open to the public on October 31 and November 1.

Also in San Jose, you'll find Sally Jimenez's haunted house, located on Vernon Ave in the Willow Glen neighborhood.

She began the decorating tradition in 2018 for her son Chris who is terminally ill. 

The hope was to bring him joy, and it worked, but this year he was too sick to come outside and Jimenez thought about canceling the haunted house.

"Something in me just said 'You know there's so many people that rely on me to bring this to them.' So that's when I said, 'I've got to do it,'" Jimenez told KTVU.

So this year it's bigger than ever. Her display can be viewed from the street each evening through Halloween.


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And in Redwood City, Steven Foster's display keeps growing too. His inspiration is Disney and he loves doing it to bring the neighbors together. He says people look forward to the decorations each year.

"The Disney touch to it all is kind of what I like. I tried to bring that home and give that to my neighborhood," Foster said.

You can visit the Foster family display at 411 Topaz St. in Redwood City. You can also look for them on Facebook and Instagram at Foster's Holidays.