Tigger the Bucket List cat passes away

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A 22-year-old cat whose family created a bucket list for him after he was found suffering from kidney failure and a tumor shortly after being adopted has sadly passed away.

Tigger was adopted two years ago by Adriene Buisch, a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader, and her boyfriend after his former owner abandoned him. However, a few months after joining his new family, tests discovered Tigger’s kidneys were failing and a golf-ball sized tumor was later found.

But instead of being down about the somber diagnosis, Buisch decided to create a bucket list for Tigger for the final chapter of his life. For over a year, Tigger and his family set out on numerous journeys, which included trips to the beach, a family trip to Florida and other adventures in their hometown of Baltimore.

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His bucket list story went viral and Tigger would end up receiving gifts and care packages from around the world supporting him in his journey.

Last November, Tigger celebrated his 22nd birthday!

However, Tigger's bucket list adventures finally came to an end as he died peacefully by his family's side. His family wrote on Facebook:

"I hope his journey helps cat and pet lovers know how wonderful it is to not only adopt but to adopt older pets. Witnessing the love and happiness of Tigger changed our lives."