Toddler fights to beat cancer, now hopes to raise money for college

Every day, two-year-old Aiden Kramer counts the cards he gets from well wishers. And...he counts the days until he gets to go home. 

"I'm here in the hospital because my blood got sick," says Aiden. 

Aiden was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. For six months, Children's Hospital Los Angeles has been his home. 

There were moments where his parents didn't know if he'd make it. 

"He was sitting in my arms totally fine...and he went limp in my arms. And he did not have a heartbeat. He wasn't breathing. The nurse instantly went into action, there was instantly a room full of people and they worked on him. My husband and I just dropped to our knees and prayed," said his mom, Ashley Kramer. 

Aiden eventually woke up. It was a daily delivery of cards that kept him going. 

He had his last chemo treatment last Thursday. He is scheduled to be released from the hospital at the end of the month. 

His only wish now is to receive love and support from people this Valentine's Day, which also happens to be his third birthday. 

He hopes to receive more cards, and hope some include coins and cash so he can continue filling his jar and Disney Castle piggy bank with them. 

Why? Because now that Aiden's fought off cancer, the toddler is taking on another grown-up battle. 

He dreams of going to Cal Tech and raise cash for college, one card at a time. 

If you want to send Aiden a card, you can send one here:

C/O Ilene Martin 

UPS Box 380

1191 Huntington Drive, Duarte, CA 91010

There are also hundreds of kids at CHLA who would love to hear from people, you can send a card to them from this website: CHLA.ORG/VALENTINE

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