Toddler killed in San Jose crash laid to rest

A two-year-old boy will be laid to rest Tuesday after he was killed in a tragic car accident in San Jose. Authorities said a car hit Alexavier Gonzales Padilla earlier this month when he ran into the street. His mother hopes her son's death will caution other parents and drivers.

Loved ones poured into the Alameda Funeral Home in Saratoga Monday evening to say goodbye to Alexavier and to comfort his grief-stricken mother.

“It’s just really hard to think he's not going to be there,” said Maria Padilla. “I’m not going to hear him call my name or tell me I love you.”

His family described Alexavier as lovable, happy, active and special.

Back on November 17 around 2:30 p.m. the family who lives in East Palo Alto was at a friend's house near Danube Way and Banff Street in San Jose. The mother said one minute Alexavier was playing with his older sister. Seconds later, he followed his older brother to their car.

San Jose Police said the two-year-old ran out between two parked cars into the street. A 2018 Dodge pick-up truck was rounding the corner and hit him.

“Accidents do happen but we need to be more responsible as parents, and when we are driving,” said Padilla.

The family believes the driver may have been distracted possibly on his phone and speeding. A preliminary investigation from police revealed alcohol, drugs and speed did not play a role. On Monday, San Jose Police said there were no new updates.

Padilla is urging drivers to slow down.

“Try to go slower because there’s always kids around and we always have to look around,” said Padilla.

She’s urging parents to keep your kids close.

“They are fast and out of nowhere they will disappear,” said Padilla.

Alexavier's mother said her kids are traumatized and in therapy. Alexavier's four-year-old sister is always asking for her baby brother. 

“My son didn't live enough,” said Padilla. “He only lived two years.”

Police said the driver remained on scene. The mother said the driver was apologetic but an apology won't bring him back. Alexavier will be buried at the Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Los Altos on Tuesday. He would have turned three years old on January 4.

A GoFundMe Page has been set up to help pay for funeral expenses: