Toddler who lost all her limbs gets a 'just like me doll'

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Her smile says it all. A two-year-old quadruple amputee was beaming as she recently got acquainted with her new best friend, a doll that looks just like her, with matching amputations and prosthetics.

The British toddler, Harmonie-Rose Ivy Allen fell gravely ill with meningitis B when she was 10 months old.

Doctors had giving her just a 10 percent chance of survival and the persevering child beat the odds against her.

But due to the illness she lost her arms, legs and the tip of her nose.

Harmonie has been fitted with her first pair of prosthetic legs and is getting ready to take her first unaided steps using the prosthetics.

She now has an "American Girl" doll who may help encourage her in the use of her new legs.

The one-of-a-kind doll named Rebecca comes from New York and was specially adapted to resemble Harmonie.  

Harmonie's mother, Freya Hall shared videos with KTVU-Fox2, showing the adorable toddler putting prosthetics on her new doll.

Her family says they gave the special gift to the brave little girl to express how proud of her they are for coping so well during a recent hospital stay.

On a Facebook page called "Hope for Harmonie" her mother says of the doll, "As you can see she is already loved very much in this house and I know she will be Harmonies best friend for ever."