Town says it was aware of 2020 letter accusing Windsor mayor of rape

The Town of Windsor admitted that it was aware of a letter in 2020 that accused Mayor Dominic Foppoli of rape.

In a news release, officials said the Town Manager received an email from a community member regarding an accusation of rape against Foppoli, 38. The email was "promptly" forward to the Town Council and the Town Clerk.

"The Town Manager also inquired with the Mayor about the accusations and the Mayor denied they were true," according to a statement from Windsor town officials.

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The email was eventually presented to the Windsor police chief for review, along with another email from 2017 that accused Foppoli of inappropriate behavior. The allegations in the 2017 email were uncovered by the San Francisco Chronicle and published in its explosive multi-year investigation into misconduct by Foppoli.

"Based on the facts known at the time the 2020 email was received, the Police Department determined the incident did not rise to a level of a crime to open an investigation. Both emails and all related information were also shared with the Sheriff's Office Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Sergeant, who came to the same conclusion as the Police Chief," Windsor officials said.

Town leaders said Windsor's human resources director also followed up with several employees who were made aware of the 2020 email.

"After interviewing each employee, the Human Resources Director determined that no further action with respect to the safety and well-being of Town employees was needed at that time."

The fallout from the sexual assault allegations against Foppoli continues, even as he refuses to resign as mayor. The mayor's own brother has even called for him to step down and a recall effort was just launched to oust him.

The Town of Windsor officials said it is "shocked and disturbed" about the allegations against Mayor Foppoli that span over 16 years.

"We vehemently condemn the crimes alleged against Mayor Foppoli and stand strong with the victims," town officials said.