Traffic Study: San Francisco ranks among worst in the world

A new study ranks San Francisco traffic as some of the worst in the world. 

According to the traffic congestion report card by INRIX, San Francisco made the list as the fifth worst commute globally.

Most gridlocked 

  • Los Angeles - drivers spend an average of 102 peak hours in traffic congestion in 2017
  • Moscow - 91 hours
  • New York - 91 hours
  • São Paulo - 86 hours
  • San Francisco - 79 hours

The congestion report card is done by a transportation analytics company called INRIX, which is based out of Washington state.

They analyze traffic flow data from 38 different countries around the world, and have released a traffic congestion report card every year for the past several years.

While the problem is bad here in California, increased congestion is an issue across the country. 

According to INRIX 10 cities in the U.S. made the top 25 most congested list for 2017.

The study's authors estimate all that congestion costs U.S. drivers $1,250 per year per driver in everything from wasted time to more wear and tear on their vehicles.

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