Truck driver runs red light, bicyclist killed in San Jose: police

San Jose police said the driver of a truck ran a red light Tuesday morning, killing a bicyclist in a city already plagued with traffic fatalities.

Police reported the crash about 7:30 a.m. on Senter Road and E. Capitol Expressway. 

Sgt. Jorge Garibay told reporters that the driver was headed west on Capitol Expressway when he ran the light and plowed into the bicyclist and a white truck, both traveling in the northbound at the time of impact.

"Every collision is preventable, right? That’s why they call them accidents. But it’s not really an accident. There’s some type of vehicle code that was violated that if not violated, the accident wouldn’t have occurred," said Garibay.

The crash littered the intersection with debris, and forced the closure of both roads for roughly six hours, as San Jose police accident investigators collected evidence and took measurements.

One neighbor said the intersection is dangerous, because not all drivers stop for red lights.

"They’re always rushing to work. And there’s always a lot of kids around here, ‘cause they go to school," said Esther Barron, who lives nearby.

In a text message, the San Jose Department of Transportation said the intersection of Senter Road & E. Capitol Expressway is one of the leading intersections for collisions in the city.

The department has, "safety improvements planned for Senter Road, which included enhanced crosswalks. This project will make previous traffic safety improvements, which were installed in 2021, more permanent."

Officials said the new construction work is slated to begin in two years.

The driver of the red truck was arrested following the crash.

Multiple witnesses told KTVU the driver attempted to run, but police were able to track him down. The driver of the white truck suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The bicyclist is the 17th person to die in a traffic fatality in San Jose this year.

"I think everybody needs to be aware. I think road safety is everyone’s responsibility. It includes being defensive on your own. I’m not sure there is a whole lot the bicyclist could have done here. He was following the rules of the road. Someone wasn’t, and that’s what occurred," said Garibay.

The intersection was reopened at around 1:30 p.m.