Two charged in death of Oakland mom killed by stray bullet while sleeping

Two suspects have been charged in connection with the shooting death of a mother as she slept in her home in Oakland's Laurel District, an innocent victim of gun violence, police said.

Convicted felon Tramonn Gray, 32, was arrested by Oakland police and charged by Alameda County prosecutors with murder in the Sept. 15 slaying of Wing Wong near 38th Avenue and Masterson Street.

A second suspect, convicted felon Alonzo Dyer, 35, was arrested and charged with being a felon with a gun and other weapons violations.

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Tramonn Gray, 32, is charged with murder in the death of Wing Wong on September 15, 2023.

Police say Wong, 42, a mother of two, was asleep on her couch when shots rang out in her neighborhood outside. Authorities say Gray had opened fire with a rifle on an SUV in the area. But one of the rifle rounds hit and killed Wong.

But one of the rifle rounds hit and killed Wong.


2nd Oakland woman shot while sleeping in own home

A woman was shot and wounded while sleeping in her East Oakland home, days after another woman was killed by a stray bullet as she slept in her home in the Laurel District.

At a news conference on Tuesday, acting Oakland homicide Lt. Bradley Baker said investigators are searching for two more suspects in connection with the case.

Baker said the shooting appears to have originated from a conflict between the defendants and an unidentified person driving through the area of 38th Avenue and Masterson Street.

Gray allegedly fired at the occupied vehicle, and one of the gunshots struck Wong, who lived a block away.

Authorities said Wong had nothing to do with the conflict.

Police say witnesses identified Gray as the man caught on video firing a rifle at a Chevy Trailblazer. Gray's also been charged with attempted murder of his intended target in the SUV. 

Mayor Sheng Thao said, "There's nothing like losing a mother or a daughter, a wife, a partner. I can't even imagine what they're going through, what they've gone through. And so I pray that this arrest is a step towards justice for them and healing for all who loved and knew Wing Wong."

At a separate news conference, Alameda County DA Pamela Price said, "Bullets don't have a name, and they don't stop until they hit someone.

Price vowed to prosecute the defendants to the fullest extent possible.

"And what I want to say to those who have continued to perpetuate senseless violence in this community is that you will be held accountable," she said.

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