2nd Oakland woman shot while sleeping in own home

A woman was shot and wounded while sleeping in her East Oakland home, days after another woman was killed by a stray bullet as she slept in her home in the Laurel District. 

The latest shooting happened at about 1:20 a.m. Monday morning at an apartment complex near 92nd Avenue and Holly Street in East Oakland.

"All I know is I see her taking her kids to school every day, I see the kids playing outside out front," said Baasim Khufu, who lives across the street.

"You never really know the people who are involved, but I mean, that just sucks, you know what i mean? It's a woman. That's all I can think, really, that it's a woman. I mean, who targets a woman?" Khufu asked.

The victim was sleeping in her apartment when someone apparently deliberately fired into her first-floor unit. She was hit in the neck and taken to a hospital in critical condition. 

KTVU found eight chalk circles and eight bullet holes that pierced through the wood-shake siding of the building.

The victim lives in the apartment with her four children. A kid's bike and stroller sat outside the front door. Other toys were sitting outside the building adjacent to their unit.

"We're hearing about increased gender-based violence, the trauma, the devastation of another person," said Oakland City Councilmember Treva Reid, who represents the district where the woman was shot.

Reid said she is "praying and believing that she will come through, and wanting to make sure that we've got supportive services available for her as she heals and recovers from just this horrific incident."

In an unrelated incident at about 9:45 p.m. Friday, a mother of two was killed by a stray bullet as she slept in her home near 38th Avenue and Masterson Street in the city's Laurel District.

"Quite honestly, I'm pissed off. I am so upset," said Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao. "To have a gun go off, stray bullet hit an innocent mom while she's just sleeping, that's absurd."

The mayor said the deadly shooting was the result of group and gang activity not linked to the victim and that the city's Ceasefire program will get involved. 

"There's too many guns on the street, and we have to do something about it, not just as a city, but as a state, as a region, as a nation," Thao said.

Henry Lee is a KTVU crime reporter. E-mail Henry at Henry.Lee@fox.com and follow him on Twitter @henrykleeKTVU and www.facebook.com/henrykleefan