Two dead in plane crash outside Petaluma airport

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Two people died after a plane crashed due to unknown reasons near Petaluma Municipal Airport Sunday afternoon, Petaluma fire officials reported.

Richard and Susan Bristow from Carmichael, near Sacramento, were identified as the crash victims on Monday. 

The crash happened just east of the airport shortly after 4 p.m. in the area of E. Washington Street between Adobe Road and Executive Drive. 

The small, single-engine plane had two people onboard and both suffered fatal injuries. The plane was registered to a man in Carmichael, near Sacramento.

It is currently unknown why the plane crashed, Petaluma fire officials said.

Charles Womack and Ed Anzore were practicing hitting golf balls on a nearby gold course when they heard the plane take off.

"As soon as it was over the golf course, we could hear it sputtering," Womak said. "And it didn’t sound right. And then his engine caught on for like two to three seconds, started sputtering again, and he made a  right turn back towards the airport and next thing you know the plane went sideways and went straight down and you could hear a loud thud into the concrete.”

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the crash.