Unlikely friendship goes viral: Off the streets and into our hearts

Suffering from mental illness, Victor Hubbard fell on hard times and lived on the streets for years as countless cars passed him at a busy intersection in Texas. But it was Ginger Sprouse who decided to stop and talk to him. Their story went viral and FOX 26 Houston found out exactly how that moment turned into a beautiful friendship. 

“It was just the prompting of God. That’s all I can say at the end of the day. That was just it,” said Sprouse. “He wasn’t going to allow me to drive by anymore without me finding out why he was there.”

The conversation led to Ginger and her husband putting Victor in a hotel, and soon after she offered him a job in the kitchen of her cooking school, The Art of the Meal. And it didn’t stop there. 8 months later, Victor moved into the Sprouse home.

”We were friends for 8 or 9 months before he came and stayed with us,” said Sprouse.

She started the Facebook page “This is Victor” as a way to help the community get to know him the way she was. 

This glimpse has inspired the community to help get clothes and medication for the man that so many passed on that corner every day. She also started a GoFundMe Page that’s raised over $35,000 and the community had a block party to show their support. 

“I feel more loved.I feel more needed and I feel more welcomed,” said Hubbard. “I like to make other people smile. I like to see people happy.”

”We don’t all have to take somebody home with us, but a kind word goes a long way,” said Sprouse. “Rolling down your window and saying dude I don’t have anything for you but what’s your name, showing some humanity.”

For all those times we look away, the times we look at our phones and act busy, all those times we can’t be bothered -- Think of what you could be missing. 

”I am so thankful.  I am so grateful,” added Hubbard. “This is my friend right here.”

Watch the video to see this beautiful friendship that started with a hello.