Unvaccinated San Francisco driver - fired during pandemic - to get his job back

A driver who was fired by the city of San Francisco for not getting a COVID vaccine says he is getting his job back at the Department of Public Works. 

KTVU spoke with Pete Whitcomb in October 2021 when he learned he would lose his job just one year shy of the 20 years needed to retire.  

That's when San Francisco issued a mandate for city workers to get vaccinated.

Whitcomb said his union attorney with the Teamsters took the city to arbitration. He was told on April 1 that he could get his job back with his seniority.

"I went through a real stint of depression and anxiety," he told KTVU on Tuesday. "I was messed up for a couple of years."

Whitcomb said the city is expected to reinstate him by the end of the month.