Update: Police say boy stabbed at San Leandro bank in stable condition

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“At some point she got very enraged and she walked over to the boy who was sitting in the chair, peaceful, waiting for his family member to complete their meeting at the bank when she stabbed him from behind, it was completely unprovoked,” said Lt. McManus.

She then turned around and began to demand money from the bank and customers, robbing at least 1 customer. 

The suspect attempted to flee the bank, but two unarmed security guards cornered the woman and kept her at bay until police arrived.  She was eventually captured by responding officers near the corner of E. 14th St and Estudillo Ave.

She had blood on her hands and was armed with the scissors used to stab the boy when she was apprehended.

Outside Children’s Hospital in Oakland on Monday night, family members told KTVU that the boy came out of surgery fine, and that he was expected to survive.  They said he lives in Arizona and was visiting his grandmother, who lives in San Leandro for part of his summer vacation. 

The boy’s mother was apparently unable to get a flight, and was making the 10-hour drive to Oakland to be at his side.

Police say the motive for the attack is still unclear.  Lt. McManus said their first assumption was that Hammond was mentally ill, but that they had not been able to confirm that. 

McManus added that they are reviewing the bank’s surveillance footage which showed the attack from beginning to end.



Police say Hammond will be charged with attempted murder replacing the lesser charge of assault with a deadly weapon, due to the severity and location of the boy’s wounds, coupled with the fact that the assault was unprovoked and she attacked the boy from behind.