US Marines help save Oregon man's home from wildfire

Two US Marines and their friends heading home from a road trip stopped to help save an Oregon man’s home from a raging wildfire.

It happened on Sept. 7 when the group was driving through Estacada, Oregon. They spotted firefighters battling a fire and decided to help by using buckets of water and a sprinkler.

“We noticed the large fires and wanted to help,” said Louie Bec, one of the Marines who sprung into action, per Storyful. “We saw a fire approaching a man’s house and firefighters were fighting another fire so we helped him.

Bec added, “I didn’t want to see that guy’s house go down. I don’t think anyone would have done anything different.”

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Wildfires are pummeling the West Coast, with lives and homes being destroyed as 87 wildfires burning throughout California, Oregon, and Washington--25 of those in California, according to the National Interagency Fire Center. At least 24 people have died in the fires that have collectively burned nearly 5 million acres. 

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