Vaccination law impacts Bay Area students

Students in the Oakland Unified School District are heading back to school Monday, but some of them may not be allowed to stay in class.

Some students may be turned away because they don't have up-to-date immunization records due to the new law Senate Bill 277 that requires all kids to be vaccinated.

KTVU spoke with Oakland District spokesperson John Sasaki who said it's really unclear how many kids may be turned away because they don't have up-to-date immunizations. But the district estimates that it could be anywhere between 200 and 1,000.

The district estimates about 400 kids have personal belief exemptions before the law came into effect. It says they will essentially be grandfathered in and allowed to attend classes today.

The district also says that if the kids have a vast majority of their vaccinations already and have plans to have the rest taken care of in the near future, they will be allowed to attend class on a conditional basis.

The district says they started letting parents know about the vaccination law once it was passed last year.