VIDEO: Bears swim with humans at Lake Tahoe

A family of bears put on quite a show at Lake Tahoe a few days ago.

A viral video of the spectacle has been seen more than 10 million times.

It was taken last Thursday at Pope Beach near Camp Richardson in South Lake Tahoe.

You see a mama bear and two cubs swimming alongside some human beach goers and paddle boarders.

The bears didn’t bother anyone and didn’t even seem to care about their surroundings.

No one was hurt, but wildlife experts say it’s a good idea to stay away from bears no matter how cute they may look.

“That bear clearly has no fear of people. So do not help wildlife. Do not feed wildlife. Do not take a selfie with the wildlife. It can be incredibly dangerous,” said Andrew Hughan, a Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesman.

There are some 250 to 300 wild black bears in the Lake Tahoe region.

They are sometimes found in people’s homes and garages, looking for food and apparently for the lake to cool off.