VIDEO: Brazen robbery and assault in Oakland caught on camera

Police are searching for the victims seen in a brazen assault and robbery in Oakland that was caught on camera, according to the Oakland Police Department. 

The robbery happened around 6:30 p.m. on Friday evening in the 5500 block of San Pablo Avenue. 

Video shows two people walking on the sidewalk while carrying various bags. A man approaches the pair, and they appear to speak at first, before the man begins grabbing at one of the victim's belongings. 

As the victim fights back, the man balls up his fist and hits the victim in the face; the first victim then falls to the ground. As the second victim attempts to intervene, they are also struck. 

The suspect then makes off with multiple bags. An off-duty OPD officer saw the crime along with other witnesses in the area. 

They followed the unknown suspect who eventually dropped the stolen belongings, police said. The off-duty officer was able to collect the stolen belongings. 

Officers were called to the 5600 block of San Pablo where witnesses pointed out the suspect, who is an Oakland resident. He was taken into custody by police. 

OPD says the robbery caught on camera was the second of four robberies that the suspect was involved in nearby. Anyone with information about the victims in the video is asked to contact OPD Criminal Investigations Division at (510) 238-3326. Those who may have caught the crime on camera are asked to send videos to