VIDEO: Dog defends owner during armed robbery

SACO, MAINE - One dog is being praised by his owner following a heroic merit.

Thor, a pitbull boxer mix, sprang into action when a robber attacked his owner Justin Ireland during his afternoon shift at a gas station in Saco Maine.

According to police, the man asked to use Justin's phone before pulling out his gun. 

He then demanded money before shoving him. That was when Thor attacked the robber's hand before biting him on both sides.

"As soon as the guy laid a hand on me and I started yelling, that's when he went right after him,'" Ireland told WGME 13.

The man ran away within a matter of seconds. It was all captured on surveillance video.

Ireland revealed in a television interview that Thor was never trained and acted on sheer instinct.

Police in the area are still looking for the suspect.