VIDEO: Hit-and-run driver in San Jose strikes multiple parked cars

Pieces of cars on Monday were still scattered across a San Jose neighborhood after a driver crashed into multiple parked cars and drove off.

KTVU obtained surveillance video of when the driver crashed into one of the cars just before midnight on Monday on South Capitol and Belfast Drive.

The video shows just how fast the driver was speeding; he or she hits the parked car so hard that it pushes it completely out of the camera’s frame.

That’s just one of at least four parked cars that were damaged before the driver appears to have gotten away.

KTVU's cameras caught what appeared to be the owners of these cars checking out the damage, which on most of these cars was extensive.

San Jose police officers were out taking photos and talking to people in the neighborhood.

Ashley Guerro's car was hit. She said her car is now in "tiny little pieces" and the window is smashed rendering it inoperable. 

San Jose police were not immediately able to for comment early Monday morning.