Video shows Tesla flying 50 feet into air in Los Angeles

Video of a Tesla flying 50 feet into the air has gone viral.

The black Tesla Model S is shown speeding up on a steep street in a Los Angeles neighborhood. It flies and then crashes down, hitting two parked cars.

A YouTuber named Alex Choi first posted about a Tesla meetup he organized Saturday night.

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In his video he claimed a random driver showed up and wanted him to see a place where people have jumped cars before.

Neighbors say it is completely unsafe and are frustrated police won’t do anything about it. 

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"Took out some trash cans and then took out my blue Subaru," said Jordan Hook, one of the owners of the parked cars. 

"There's some guy on YouTube getting a ton of fame and getting money from the videos," said Hook. "Seems like it sets a bad precedent, and leaves a bad taste in your mouth."