Viral video of Vallejo arrest over stolen merchandise

A video showing a Vallejo police officer arresting a woman is going viral.

On Friday, police chased down two people who they say stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from the Gateway Plaza shopping mall near the Interstate 80 and Highway 37 interchange.

Officials said the incident unfolded after a loss prevention officer waved police down in the 1100 block of Admiral Callaghan Lane and provided a description of the suspect vehicle.

When officers caught up to the alleged thieves, police say they tried to arrest the driver, but she resisted.

This soon led to a short pursuit, and the driver ran a red light, colliding with two other vehicles. The first car was an SUV carrying a woman and her two 4-year-old sons. The sons were reportedly unharmed, but the mother suffered moderate injuries. 

The fleeing driver also crashed into a cement truck.

TikTok video shows an officer punching the woman as she lies on the ground. Police say they had to strike her in order to get her to comply.

Once she stopped moving, officers say they were able to arrest her.

A female passenger tried to run from the scene, but according to police, she was stopped by witnesses.

Officers say they found $2,000 worth of stolen items in their car.

Police said the business had proof the two suspects had previously stolen around $1,000 worth of merchandise on September 26. 

Records on the driver revealed she was on felony probation for grand theft and shoplifting. She was also recently arrested on October 4 for stealing around $30,000 worth of merchandise from another business. 

Similarly, a records check on the passenger revealed a $10,000 warrant for her arrest in San Mateo over a burglary and a $50,000 warrant in Napa for grand theft. 

According to police, both women were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, and are now in jail.