VTA attack: Police identify second victim in unprovoked beating

Authorities have identified a second victim in an unprovoked attack on a VTA platform in San Jose.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office said there was another victim in the incident at the Children’s Discovery Museum VTA Station on Wednesday.

Moments before the suspect, 26-year-old Andrew Perez, beat a 45-year-old man until he was bloody, Perez had initially chased another victim around the platform, deputies said. For reasons unknown, Perez then turned his attention to the 45-year-old victim, whom he did not know.


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In the attack, which was captured on VTA platform surveillance video and released by the sheriff's office, Perez and the victim appear to be engaged in a conversation. Then, Perez approaches the man and hits him in the face.

Perez then throws the victim to the ground and kicks him in the head. As the victim attempts to get away, Perez puts him in a chokehold.

The video then changes perspectives, apparently switching to a second camera on the platform. Perez then begins a seemingly endless barrage of punches and kicks. The video ends when the victim runs off the platform, and Perez appears to follow him.

The victim was "covered in bright, red blood from his head down to his torso," deputies said.

Andrew Perez, is accused of an assault at the VTA Children’s Discovery Museum Station on Wednesday, May 29, 2024.

He suffered an 8- to 10-inch laceration to his forehead, which required seven staples to close. He had another 4-inch gash on his elbow and a third on his left wrist. He is in stable condition.

Perez was later arrested after he was found barricaded inside a nearby residence.

He faces a slew of charges including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, stalking, and disturbing the peace.

Authorities said the attack was unprovoked and Perez did not know his victims.