US agents failed to share questioning of rail yard shooter

A report by customs agents says a gunman who killed nine co-workers at a California rail yard in May harbored "dark thoughts about harming" two specific people after his return to California from a 2016 trip to the Philippines. 

What needs to happen before VTA light rail service returns

It’s been six weeks since the deadly mass shooting at the Valley Transportation Authority light rail yard in San Jose. The lack of the three routes linking east, west, and south San Jose is impacting riders dependent on that service.

Could the VTA shooting have been prevented?

Could the VTA rail yard mass shooting have been prevented? That's what Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen wants to know. He's demanding access to a 2016 report, outlining an encounter between Customs and Border Protection and the shooter, Sam Cassidy. KTVU's Ann Rubin reports.

Giving Day: Working Partnerships USA

There has been an outpouring of interest from Bay Area residents looking to support victims of the VTA mass shooting in San Jose. Working Partnerships USA has a fund that will go toward the victims and their families. Learn more about their work and how to donate.