Warming centers open in San Jose as temps continue to drop

The City of San Jose opened two overnight warming locations for residents to keep warm as temperatures drop. 

The Bascom and Roosevelt Community Centers will be open to help people living on the streets and can house up to 200 guests at a time. 

Charles Merslich knows first hand what it's like to battle the elements. “It’s just incredible. Some people have a difficult time going through this. And I have gone through this. It’s very, very difficult," he said. 

Meteorologist Spencer Tangen said San Jose is under a frost advisory Thursday night with lows expected to drop into the mid-20s to 30s. "These are the coldest temperatures we've seen so far this year," Tangen said. \

Santa Clara County officials will extend inclement weather services until Tuesday due to the cold weather. It's why the organization HomeFirst is helping run the two warming locations. 

Stephanie Demos who works with the organization recalled one man telling her the moment he decided to seek out help. "He woke up one morning and the cup of water he’d left out was a solid block of ice and he said ‘that’s it. I’m not doing this anymore," Demos said. 

Merslich said there's not much you can do when it gets cold. "I’ve just tried to get as many things as far as clothes and gloves as possible," he said. 

Those who want to come to either of the overnight warming centers need a referral. Meals will also be provided and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, all HomeFirst locations will give out traditional dinners.